A parent coach for raising bilingual littles?

What can parent coaching
do for you?

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In my coaching session, we'll help you anticipate and navigate the challenges that frequently come up for parents who are raising bilingual littles. Challenges like

  • What to do when my child doesn't want to speak our home language?
  • What if I have concerns about my child's language development?
  • How do I choose a language method such as one parent, one language? Or do I need to choose a method?
  • What if we speak multiple languages in our home?
  • What if I want my child to learn a foreign language that I don't speak?

So how does the coaching session work?

  • Fill out a family background/history questionnaire so that I get to know your family
  • Choose from a time that works for you for a 40 minute coaching session. Note I'm on PST.

In a coaching session you'll get

  • 40 minutes zoom call with me
  • A two to three page detailed plan going over what you need to create the optimal bilingual environment for your child. Depending on your location, this may include suggestions on local schools, preschools, etc.

  • A 30% discount on my course on bilingual language development should you decide to enroll

The total cost for the session:

Only $159 dollars!

Here's what parents are saying:

"Rebecca's advice was very practical and I learned what the most important aspects were that I needed to focus on. I was able to let go of the stress around things that didn't matter! "

**Please note this is not an appointment for speech therapy. Any speech-language concerns should be discussed with your pediatrician and a licensed Speech Therapist in your area.

So, get you personalized bilingual plan now. I have helped families gain clarity on the most important factor for raising bilingual children. You'll learn what your family needs in order for your child to grow up to be bilingual! Many parents report that they feel much more confident in their decision to be bilingual after meeting with me.

Click on this link to schedule in a session with me! As soon as you're scheduled, I'll send you your personal family questionnaire and we'll begin your journey!

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